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The love, the hate, the happiness and the sadness, this blog is controlled by my ever shifting thoughts, my sexual addiction and my manic depression. Dedicated to the lovers and the fighters.

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    Over the past two decades, television has been revolutionised into a new golden age of television. The mould of a morally pure protagonist it seems has almost been removed and transformed into anti-heroes, some of which have never been so ‘identified’ with by audiences.

    No one knows when it really began, some say it was with shows like NYPD Blue (1993-2005), The Shield (2002-08) and of course, The Sopranos (99-07). It seems by putting 2 and 2 together that the new golden age was established by the opening of new cable networks such as HBO. These were networks that weren’t fussed on viewing numbers, but on quality, attracting niche audiences if thats what it meant. This fresh approach unleashed a wave that would sweep the premium networks and deliver some of the most entertaining and fulfilling stories ever seen on the small screen. 

    The question that is on peoples lips, is if the anti-hero era has finally come to a close after the ending of hit shows such as Breaking Bad and Dexter. Many critics want to move on and go down new paths undiscovered and leave the anti-hero behind. However with shows still airing such as House of Cards, The Americans, The Walking Dead and many more, as the old saying goes, the audience is always right.

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