Outlandos d'Amour

The love, the hate, the happiness and the sadness, this blog is controlled by my ever shifting thoughts, my sexual addiction and my manic depression. Dedicated to the lovers and the fighters.

enjoy. Atlanta GA
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  • What I’ve been patiently waiting for slipped thru my finger so swiftly that I barely noticed.


    Most of our adolescent life was filled with pain that we slowly grew to understand. life began by inflicting injury on us we knew that pain so well. our skin grew thicker, the pain and numbness we felt was the only thing we remembered so now we inflict damage to ourselves with Alcohol and drugs but most of all the lows of love.


    This happened tonight. I LOVE how it looks. I added another flower on my right hip after I took this but forgot to take another picture. It didn’t set super well though. Which makes me really sad. I just couldn’t sleep with the tape on.

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